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A streaming app that allows the user to keep track of, and watch, sports daily

A streaming app that allows the user to keep track of, and watch, sports daily

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Program by: GHD Sports

Version: 6.5

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GHD Sports


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GHD Sports is a streaming app dedicated to sports coverage. This app has streams saved from past sporting events along with live streams of games playing right now. You'll find streams for nearly every televised sport around the world. Not only that, but there is a dedicated platform for helping you find past games that you either missed or want to watch again.

Nearly All Sports

One of the best things about GHD Sports is that it has live and saved streams from nearly all sports. If it's a popular and televised sport, then you will likely find it available on this app. Many sports apps are dedicated to just one or two sports, like football or basketball. That's not the case with GHD Sports.

You'll find this app useful if you love football, basketball, wresting, tennis, soccer and more. Not only does it include nearly every sport, but it's easy to find streams that you're interested in. The user interface allows you to either look through all available streams, or you can narrow it down to specific sports. Choose the sport that you're interested in and you'll see videos dedicated to it. This makes it very easy to find streams that you actually want to watch rather than going through dozens of videos until you find a good one.

While it seems that there is more content for American sports, GHD Sports does include events that are popular around this world. This ensures that you should find something appealing to you here if you like watching sports.

Saved and Live Streams

There are options to watch both saved and live streams of your favorite sports. Saved streams are videos of events that already happened. For example, if you missed last week's game and you want to catch up, then simply go through the archive and load up the game. Most televised games and matches are available through this app. There is an impressive catalog of games to choose from. You should even be able to find matches from the past that you want to watch again.

There are also many options for live streams. This means that you can watch the game going on right now without waiting for it to be uploaded. Select the sport you like and see what live streams are available. If the game is going on right now, then you should be able to find a stream of it with this app.


While the main draw of GHD Sports is the large catalog of saved and live streams, another useful feature is the current sports schedule. Many sports have chaotic schedules, especially if it's a popular sport with lots of teams playing against each other. This can make it hard to know when a certain event is occurring or when your favorite team is playing.

GHD Sports has a current and always updating schedule that you can reference. This ensures that you're always up to date about the latest games and when they will air. Finding the schedule is easy. Simply go to your favorite sport and you should see the schedule right there on the page. It will tell you when the next game is airing and other games that are scheduled soon.

If you really want to stay on top of a sport, then you can enable notifications. This will send you a notification whenever the schedule updates. The good thing is that you can enable this only for certain sports. This app covers nearly all the sports in the world, so getting notifications on all of them would be too much for your device. If you only like football, then enable football notifications and you'll see when new games are scheduled.

Video Quality Settings

GHD Sports allows you to select the video quality setting. As you might realize, live streams can often be quite bulky for your device. This is especially true if you're on your cellular data rather than a Wi-Fi connection. While streams will always require a fair amount of data, especially if they're longer games, you can reduce the load on your device by selecting the video quality.

This app has several video quality settings. It should be auto by default. This setting chooses the best setting based on your connection speed. If the connection is poor, then the video quality will automatically reduce to ensure proper loading speeds. This is usually the best if quality is your concern, but it may not be the best option if you're worried about using too much data.

You can manually either increase or decrease the video quality in the settings section. This gives you control over the sports streaming and your data usage. While auto is usually the best, having this control makes the app far more useful.

Player Statistics

Some people simply like watching sports and that's it. Others like to dive deeply into the teams and players by seeing their win-lose ratio, individual player statistics, biographies on certain athletes and so on. GHD Sports is made specifically for those who love sports. As such, you can find lots of information about your favorite teams and players.

You can run a search for nearly any team or player, or you can find more info by poking around a certain sport. This is useful both for current sports lovers and those who are just getting introduced to sports. You can easily access all the information you're looking for without having to go elsewhere.

Free App

GHD Sports is a completely free app. You don't have to pay to access their streaming catalog, obtaining scheduling notifications, check player statistics or anything else. The entire app is free and there are no paywalls anywhere.

At the same time, users should know that this app doesn't officially host any of the streams directly in the app. GHD Sports has a catalog of links that point to streams. This means that you'll be heading to other websites to actually view the stream. While this sometimes means that you'll have to pay for videos if the resource requires it, this is very rare.

Inactive Streams

As noted above, GHD Sports doesn't host any of the streams. This is a resource that points you towards websites that actually have the video stored and accessible. This is usually a good thing, but there are times when the streams might be inactive. While GHD Sports does their best to update streams as quickly as possible so that the links are active, there is a chance that you won't be able to watch a saved or live stream when you want to.

If this happens, then come back later and see if the stream was updated. This can be annoying, but this is very common for similar apps that point you to shows, movies and other forms of media.


  • Has a massive catalog of nearly all sports and both live and saved streams.
  • You can access player and team statistics in the app.
  • The user interface is very simple and you can get relevant notifications.


  • The streams are hosted elsewhere.
  • There is a chance that some streams won't be available when you want them.

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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